Multimodal Project

Millie’s Trip to Colombia: Roll 2-3

Multimodal Project

The “Photo Fool Channel”

So you’re a visual learner, eh? You like videos and pictures over reading fascinating blog posts about film photography? I got just the thing for you–behold! Vlogs!

These multimodal wonders are here to help you figure out what Photo Fool is all about. First, we’ve got a fun little introduction video introducing you to Millie and some of the excellent equipment I will be using moving forward.

I recorded this video in June 2021, and I’ve been uploading content for the site ever since. My goal is to return to this intro video and reflect on what I’ve learned.

Second, we’ve got a montage of clips collected from my trip to Colombia. In this video, you get to see precisely where and how I took the photos from film rolls two and three. I intend to make videos for every roll of film I develop, and this montage is the barebones framework of how those videos will look.

I created the music displayed in both of these videos, and you can access them on my Soundcloud page. I put a lot of work into recording and documenting as much footage as possible for my website, and more will come along the way.

As I learn more, I expect to record more about the basics/tips and tricks of film photography, so don’t forget to follow and keep up with the content!

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