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ColorPlus 200


Shot on the Nikon N6006. This is the first time I shot 35 mm film and it was with an advanced SLR with autofucus and a “program mode.” This collection features pictures of flowers, buildings, and my dog.

ColorPlus 200


Collection of pictures taken in La Vega, Colombia. taking this roll, I grew more comfortable with experimentation. This collection hosts double exposures and low-light, indoor photography.

ColorPlus 200


This collection was taken in Bogota, Colombia. It’s comprised of candid photos of the city life and light wildlife photography. This roll benefits greatly from the vibrant tone of Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Ilford HP5 400


This collection was taken in Boulder, Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia. This was my first attempt at monochromatic photography. Thus, there is an overall emphasis on composition, texture, and moving subjects.

Kodak TMAX Pro 3200 (-1)


Kodak TMAX Pro 3200 is a high-speed, black-and-white, low-light film emulsion. This collection takes place in Atlanta and New York. There is further experimentation with pushing/pulling film within the realm of “architectural photography” and “street photography.”

Dracula 65


Someone at my local photo lab suggested that I use a red filter with an adjustable polarizing filter when using B&W film. I applied this technique while I was in Florida. Here there are high contrast, low grain images of the gulf beach. It was also my first time using a wide 18 mm lens

Ilford Delta ISO200


My brother and I went out to do some urban exploration and took photos of a folk art landmark called the Doll’s Head Trail. The unique setting was inspiring and I clung to the foresty/spooky theme.

Cinestill 800T


After getting comfortable with monochromatic film, I switched gears back to color after my brother gifted me five rolls of tungsten balanced, motion-picture film. Cinestill 800t is unique because of how it interacts with synthetic light. Working with color again was inspiring, and Cinestill became one of my favorite stocks.

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