Rolls #2-3: Millie’s Journey to Colombia

Roll #2 Roll #3 6/19-6/24/21 Film in the Southern Hemisphere: Let’s go over some key talking points. Together, we’re going to explore topics like… Double Exposing Night Photography Wildlife Photography So let’s get the elephant out of the room–what the heck is going on with exposures 34-40? You’re probably thinking that they look like mistakes,Continue reading “Rolls #2-3: Millie’s Journey to Colombia”

Roll #1: The First Exposure

06-12-21 The First Roll! by Nicolas Visbal Developing my first roll of film was terrifying (especially if you’re entirely and despicably inexperienced like me). I stressed and goofed over each delicate exposure (definition #4), and I was excited to see what I captured! My goal with my first roll was to try and use MillieContinue reading “Roll #1: The First Exposure”