Favorite Exposures: Roll 1-3

Looking back on my first roll of film, I see that I took a lot of exposures for granted. There are some beautiful pictures in this roll that I criticized for not meeting my expectations. Now, I think that I have a good idea about how I feel about the film roll overall.

For the first attempt at film photography, let alone photography in general, this series is a solid collection. The floral exposures are easy to capture, but they yield colorful and beautiful results.

Exposures number 5, 6, and 8 are some of my favorite pictures of flowers on the entire roll. Again, I’m impressed with the amount of detail Millie captured– the colors really pop.

Exposures 17 and 21 are a couple of my favorite pictures. I think that I captured some of the architecture of downtown/ GSU reasonably well. The sun peeking into the library window is both subtle and bold.

The last favorite exposure in roll 1 is exposure 32, AKA, the flying dog. This photo was my first successful attempt at capturing a moving subject. It was not easy to catch, but as you can see, it was all worthwhile. Although I do have a particular bias towards this photo that gives it an unfair advantage over the others–I love pictures of my dog.

After “playing it safe” on roll #1, I was a bit more confident to experiment with film on my second attempt. However, perhaps I was a bit hasty, and maybe I could’ve read more before I decided to double expose and experiment with lighting. Alas, the photos have already been taken and developed– so how do I feel about them now? I still expected more out of myself.

Out of all of the double exposures, I think the palatable images are exposures 39 and 40. They’re fascinating to look at, and conceptually, they’re pretty cool; they feature images of Krog street double-exposed over pictures of Colombia, and that’s something I never thought I would do.
After the double exposures, the pictures are okay, but my favorites are 41, 53, and 65.

Exposure 41 shows just how beautiful the blue sky looks on 35 mm film. The grain of the sky and clouds is aesthetically pleasing.

Exposure 53 is a well-set shot of the mountains of Colombia. I think the tree placement at the right side of the image is perfect, and the stark contrast between the green trees against the white sky is just fun to see.

Exposure 65 is a picture of an orange tree, and I cannot explain it, but it just oozes nostalgia. The colors are warm and familiar.

Roll #3 has some of my favorite photos in my collection so far. Up until this point, I rarely experimented with portrait photos, so it’s good to see a change of pace. I experimented further with some night photography, and I captured a lot of wildlife.

My favorite pair is exposures 71 and 72, with my brother and I’s side-by-side portraits. Even the tiny details between the two reveal the difference between a novice (me) and a trained hand (my brother). Hopefully, one day, I can get to his level.

After that, exposure 82 is my next favorite. I was lucky enough to have that duck so close to me, but I was even more fortunate that the exposures came out well exposed and balanced. It’s not a particularly complex photo, but it’s an excellent exposure of a duck.

Exposure 88 is a simple landscape photo that captures the beauty of the Colombian countryside.
Exposure 94 is a striking image of a bare tree trunk pointed at the orangey, blue sky. It’s simple, pretty, and comparable to a MacBook default background.

Exposure 102 is just an interesting site to see in the city of Bogota. I think that I did a great job framing that shot from the ground.

And the last favorite exposure is #104. It’s simple, well framed. It looks like it belongs on a tourist page.
If any images are your favorite, feel free to leave a comment below!

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