Photo Fool

journey with me into the world of film photography…

and watch me mess up so you don’t have to.

Image of Flowers

The making of a mistake.

My name is Nicolas (he/him), and I’m a “hobby person” by nature. I’ve invested in many different hobbies such as woodworking, music production, kombucha brewing, and free-writing. As a senior at GSU, and feeling/ actually being twenty-two, I didn’t think that I’d pick up a new hobby until my next mid-life crisis. Then, suddenly, during a regularly scheduled, manic episode, I decided to pick up the beautiful art that is photography! The catch is, I’m learning with a film camera.

This website grew from my dumb self-experiment to learn the ropes of photography using only the film camera. I am not allowed to use my phone to take pictures, and the only way I can take a selfie is using the film camera; trial through error means I have to pay for my successes and mistakes.

Furthermore, 35mm film is not at all cheap compared to the trillions of photos I can take for free using my smartphone. And to make matters worse for myself, I am documenting this learning experience entirely online, where I intend to educate you about the world of (film) photography by making a fool of myself.

TLDR: What does aperture mean? No clue. What does exposure mean? No idea, but I’m going to learn at the expense of my wallet, and you’re going to learn with me.